Customer Stories

Bloodbank Partners
“1stel is a great company to work with. Because computers and telephones are the core of our business, it is very important that we are up and running 24 hours a day..." [read more]

Community Care Granbury
“Community Care Granbury has experienced a great working relationship with 1stel as a service provider. The personnel respond immediately to all requests and keep us informed about the progress of every installation or upgrade. Billing has been on time and accurate..." [read more]

Contemporary Communications, Inc.
“We rely on our T1 line enormously; it's really critical to our national and local accounts as we are able to upload or download huge graphic files reliably and quickly..." [read more]

First National Bank of Burleson
"1stel has been a 'breath of fresh air' to deal with. We converted from Southwestern Bell in May 2003. The switch over went well and their response to our questions and few problems were handled promptly..." [read more]

Fox Scientific
“We are very pleased with 1stel. They call before there is even a problem. It has been a pleasure working with them. If the line goes down their technicians are calling within minutes..." [read more]

Gatewood Electric
"1stel has been such a help for my business. They have provided me with several services that were not available from our previous phone company. Also, they are providing me more service for the same amount of money..." [read more]

Mike Milner Real Estate Services
“It’s great when you can call up your provider, they know your voice and know you by your first name. THEY call YOU when they notice something may just not be right over the weekend when you are away from the office..." [read more]

Pat A. Thomas, D.O.
"I would like to express our thanks to the staff at 1stel on the efficiency and professionalism of our conversion to 1stel from another phone company. The transition was very smooth and was performed without any major problems..." [read more]

Walls Industries
"When 1stel approached us to revisit our internet connectivity and telecom needs, I was a bit skeptical. How could a small, local telecom really meet our needs. Needless to say, 1stel has, and continues to exceed our expectations. We have increased the level of services to our user community all the while cutting expenses..." [read more]